Damien Lake

Team Leader | Property Asset Manager

Damien has nearly 16 years experience, dedicated to providing an elite level of client service to landlords and tenants alike.

With his knowledge in real estate property management and dealing with many landlords and tenants on a daily basis, Damien prides himself on professional, honest and reliable service in order to provide smooth and stress-free management of your property. Damien's firm but fair approach to the management of your property ensures minimal wear and tear to the home and rental arrears are at a minimum.

Damien is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and thrives on continual training and professional development. He believes continued development is fundamental to improving a client's experience with real estate professionals.

What our customers say

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Hi Angela, Quick email to say that I have been very impressed with Damien’s property mgt and communication skills! He is very proactive in communicating any issues and resolving them quickly and efficiently. Finally, I fully support any ‘LJH’ employee reward and recognition you may have, for service above and beyond etc. Regards Barry

Barry Singer - Landlord

Damien, Thank you very much for your initiative. This is an advantage to have a good agent. Please act as you find the best. Regards, Victor and Dinna Shestopal

Victor & Dinna Shestopal - Landlords

I am writing to express my gratitude for the work Damien Lake has done in managing my property. I write and Damien responds. He listens and provides advice. He gets things done and makes sure I am involved, informed and comfortable with every outcome. This is so important especially when I am living aboard and not able to physically be around to make sure my home is being looked after. I feel very comfortable living remote and having Damien manage my property. We have brand new tenants after 5 years and it all seems to be going well – a great big thanks to Damien. He is an excellent representative of the LJ Hooker team and you should have more like him. Regards, Cherr Wilks

Cherr Wilks - Landlord

Angela, I'm writing to you regarding your staff member Damien Lake. I just wanted you to be aware of the great work Damien does. He is proactive and very much on the ball when it comes to our property in Redfern. I have full confidence in Damien looking after our property. Inspections are completed on time, and he is always in contact to advise me of what's going on. We are 4 hours away and do not get up to check the place out very often and I'm in contact with other residents whom have advised our current tenants are no trouble at all. Keep up the great work Damien. Regards Natalie

Natalie Storey - Landlord

Thank you for all the work you have done.

Anastasia Sim

Thanks again Damien, genuinely appreciate your prompt response.

Keiran Kevans