Tenant Resources

Tenant Resources

Prepare for your tenancy.

Once you have been approved for one of our rental properties, you should read through the documents below in order to prepare for your tenancy.

Sample Residential Tenancy Agreement
Click the link below to download a sample of the lease agreement we require our tenants to sign. Please note that tenancy agreements may vary slightly from property to property. If you have any questions about specific clauses in the lease agreement, you should contact your property manager.
Click here to download the Sample Residential Tenancy Agreement

Fair Trading New Tenant Checklist
Fair Trading NSW has provided a checklist of tenants rights and responsibilities when beginning a tenancy. You should carefully read through this as a tenancy agreement is a legally binding document.
Click here to download the New Tenant Checklist

Tenant Information Pack
We have prepared a booklet with information on paying your rent, maintaining the property, routine inspections and what to do when you decide to vacate. Please read this through carefully.
Click here to download the Tenant Information Pack

Arrears Policy & Water Usage Charges
Please read through these forms and sign them. You should bring the signed forms with you when you sign your lease.
Click here to download our Arrears Policy & Water Usage Policy

If you have any questions about any of these documents, please contact our office.